About History of the Factory

Thanachok Group is an industrial business group with integrated expertise in vegetable oil
with the following affiliated companies:


Thanachok Vegetable Oil (2012) Limited Partnership, established in 1978, Later, the business was transformed in 2022 into Thanachok Vegetable Oil (2012) Co., Ltd., has become a leading company under the lead of experienced and visionary executives. The partnership is skilled in managing used vegetable oil and animal fat, which are placed into quality filter processes and speedy transportation systems that cover the whole country, starting from food industry, restaurants and households to renewable energy business at the end. The company is supported and promoted by the Board of Investment (BOI).

Thanachok Oil Light Company Limited, founded in 2016, undertakes the business of production and distribution of palm oil for cooking under the brands of Butsarakham and Richy in various forms of containers, including bags, bottles and buckets. The products are certified by the Thai Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Ministry of Public Health, to assure the consumers that they are of high quality and meet international standards.

Thanachok Oil Light Trading Company Limited, founded in 2018, engages in the business of buying crude palm oil and selling the same as raw material to animal food and renewable energy industries.

Currently, Thanachok Group is undertaking renewable energy business. It has constructed a biodiesel plant, which also serves as a learning center for organizations and people interested in learning the production process in order to generate quality community biodiesel that meets established standards. This is done is combination with the Group’s corporate social responsibility activities. The purposes of purchasing used vegetable oil to produce biodiesel are to reduce repeated use of deteriorated oil, which is harmful to consumers, to reduce the amount of used oil released into public places, which affect the environment, to reduce the importation of energy, and to promote the use of renewable energy from plants that are Thai farmers’ produces. Thanachok Group is ready to contribute to Thailand’s economy through the development of renewable energy, “biodiesel”.

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