CSR Beautiful World and Clear Water Project


CSR Beautiful World and Clear Water Project

CSR Beautiful World and Clear Water Project

Thanachok Vegetable Oil (2012) Limited Partnership has been very active in playing its role of social responsibility in protecting environment both in and outside the organization. In late 2016, it had an idea to implement the “Beautiful World and Clear Water Project”, which observed the royal initiative of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej regarding biodiesel. With an objective to carry on his royal projects, we have executed various activities with a focus on giving people knowledge of renewable energy and environmental impacts at community and social levels. We also carry out activities aimed at reducing the release of used vegetable oil through public pipes to reduce accumulation of oil deposits blocking the sewers and harming the environment.

One of many activities under the Beautiful World and Clear Water Project is purchasing used vegetable oil in the community. This is to help people in the community generate additional income and have a better quality of life. They also have an opportunity to learn about proper management of used vegetable oil from experienced experts. The Project supports them with required equipment, transportation and storage services. There are guaranteed purchase prices for the used vegetable oil sold via the Project. The community is also supported when carrying out activities during different occasions.

Activities of the popular sector are promoted and supported by all parties involved with Thanakorn Recycle Team of the National Housing Authority’s Eco Village Project taking part in performing pilot activities to meet the established objectives. Moreover, Smileplant team helps provide suggestions and improve the administration system to promote the activities to manage used vegetable oil in the community to improve the community and the society as a whole and contribute to sustainable development of the country

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